There are so many reasons why you might need quick ways to earn an extra hundred notes.

Maybe you need some money to get out of a financial hole, an unexpected bill or you’ve accidentally gone into overdraft.

Or maybe you just want some more money regularly to get your finances on track.

Here are several ways you can lay your hands on some more money – earn an extra hundred pounds, dollars, euros… whatever you need!

I’ve divided them up into sections:

  • Make more money out of what you already have.
  • Get paid back for doing what you already do
  • Sell stuff
  • Earn more

Make more out of what you already have

Ways to earn a hundred pounds or dollars - starting with asking for a pay rise!

1. Get a payrise

Funnily enough this is the last thing most people think of when it comes to earning more money, fast. But it is actually one of the quickest ways to earn an extra hundred and much, much more, without changing anything about your life. Just ask for more money doing what you’re already doing.

And don’t be scared. 70 % of people who asked for a raise scored some increase in compensation, according to PayScale, the data company that conducted a poll of more than 160,000 workers

Many of us are currently not earning to our full potential in our jobs. Perhaps we haven’t thought to ask for a raise, or we are freelancers – reluctant to put our prices up. Maybe you feel guilty or uncomfortable asking for more money.

The bottom line is that if you are worth it, your boss will pay it if they can. It is ALWAYS worth an ask. You can get the biggest cash boost of all from getting a raise plus it has great effects on your confidence and happiness at work.

For more tips about asking for a pay rise try this article from the BBC.

2. Rent out your spare room

In the US, UK, and most of the affluent Western world property is expensive, buying it, renting it, staying for a few nights in it. And in prime areas of both the UK and the US you can make good money from renting out a spare room or your whole house.

If you haven’t done this before, it might seem daunting, but it really is as simple as creating an account with AirBnB, putting up some great photos of your home and naming your price.

A friend of mine did this during her divorce to keep the money rolling in when things were tight. It was awkward at points but it did the job of bringing in the extra income.

If you want to rent out your spare room on a longer term basis you can list it in Gumtree, Spareroom and ?? Easyroommate In the UK there is a special tax relief scheme (Rent-A-Room) and you can earn £7,500 tax free from this income, but after that you pay tax.

3. Rent out your car

Easycarclub lets you rent out your car when you’re not using it.

If you’ve got a rubbish old banger, it’s probably not going to work for you, but if you have a reasonably well kept family car or even something a little flashier you can make money from letting others pay to borrow your car.

This could be a particularly nice earner if you are a family with two cars but you don’t use the second one much.

Car hire earnings start from around £16 for one hire a month, so it wouldn’t take much for it to bring in £100 or more.

4. Rent out things you already own

Have you heard of Rent Not Buy or Fat Llama?

or in the US Loanables and Snapgoods ??

Check them out. You could rent out all sorts of stuff that you already own. Tools are popular, as are posh clothes and cars.

Most people have all of the above…

You name your own price but look at how other people have priced their things as a guide.

5. Advertise on your car

Don’t want to loan out your car but don’t mind using it for advertising?

You could make hundreds of pounds a month through websites such as Carquids. ??

In exchange for cold hard cash, they will advertise on the bonnet of your car.

6. Make money from your driveway

?? Parkonmydrive lets people errrr park on your drive. For money.

Other sites like JustPark ?? and YourParkingSpace ?? could also earn you cash from people trying to find somewhere affordable to park their cars.

You set the rate which will be influenced by the usual sort of things – location, length of time, how well lit or secure or safe the area is etc.

Earnings range from £50 to £300 a month.

7. Sell your storage space for periods of time

There really is a website for everything isn’t there?

?? Storemates is a website dedicated to putting people who need to store stuff in touch with people who have space. It’s free to register and takes a cut of the rent if you end up finding a storer with them.

Use up that empty loft or garage for moulah!

Get paid back for doing what you already do

Ways to earn an extra hundred notes doing things you already do

8. Get a better deal on things you have to buy

When your phone, broadband, energy or TV contracts run out, do you immediately negotiate a better one and prepare to switch?

More than 20 million people in the UK don’t. If you don’t negotiate your contracts every year, you will pay over the odds for your services.

If you are in a rolling contract, you are free to leave it and negotiating a better deal could mean saving two or three hundred pounds over the year.

9. Earn money from switching bank accounts

In the UK, it’s a dog eat dog world in consumer banking. So much so, that it’s possible to make £100 or more for switching bank accounts.

Some people are even “serial switchers” making several hundred pounds in a short space of time, although banks are getting wise to this and now more often than not there is some loyalty required for the best deals.

The most excellent Money Saving Expert site has all the up to date info on how to get the best deal switching here.

10. Get paid for trips you were making anyway

Going on a long journey? Or even a short one? You could turn that trip into a money-spinner. These days you can wring out some cash by filling your empty seats with passengers or carrying stuff for people that want things picked up.

Don’t want strangers in the car but don’t mind carrying stuff? Try ?? Nimber.

Nimber hook up people who are going someplace with people who want stuff taken someplace e.g. a piece of artwork. You need to register an account before you can see what jobs are available.

Like meeting new people? Pick up some paying passengers at carpool website ?? BlaBlaCar or ?? Sharingmyride

If you have space in your case you can also take stuff to and from different countries when you travel abroad. AirMule connects people who want to send things with passengers with spare room in their baggage. The name is a bit unfortunate but the idea is legit. The courier boxes are 100% the responsibility of AirMule but you have the right to inspect any package you carry.

At the moment it only works between the US and China, Thailand, India and South Korea. But it is a cool $150 payment per trip.

11. Make more money doing what you do already

If you use a credit card – and I don’t suggest you should get one unless it’s already part of the way you manage your finances – you can get a card that pays cash back on everything you spend.

If you pay it off every month this can be a great bonus. If you don’t and your spending is then building up interest, then it’s possible that you won’t really get the benefit of the cashback. So use wisely.

If you don’t use credit cards or, like me, are paying them down and not using them for purchasing, there are still plenty of other ways you can gain cashback on your spending.

Sites like Quidco, Swagbucks, TBSeen and TopCashback UK or TopCashback US all pay good money for your spending. Simply set up an account with them and if you need to buy something online, log into your account and then purchase via the cashback website.

They then track your purchase and then later the cashback pops into your account – it can be a few weeks or a few days depending on the website. It can take a while to build up but once you have enough, you just get the money transferred into your bank account. For doing not a lot.

Sell stuff

Unless you are a serial seller and have done all this stuff already – you probably own things that have value to someone else that you’d be happy to sell and that has value to someone else.

Thankfully in this age of the internet, there are a ton of places to sell your goods – and in the real world too!

Ways to earn an extra hundred bucks - selling things, earning money, using online apps to make money, there are lots of ways to earn money quickly!

12. Sell online and post to the buyer

One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure… There is always something you own that is worth something to somebody else.

And these days there are so many ways to find the person who wants your stuff!

Ebay and Facebook are two of the biggest ways to list your items, but there are also a ton more:

And in the UK:

If you’ve never sold online before, it’s very easy. You’ll need photos of the items you are selling and then you simply follow the instructions on the websites and upload the photos. When the buyer completes the purchase simply package up and send.

Don’t make the rookie mistake I did at the beginning and woefully underestimate how much postage and packing costs. That can seriously eat into your profits – particularly if you are selling things that only sell for small amounts.

There are more specific ideas about things to sell below so scan down if you’re not sure what to hunt for.

13. Sell online and buyer picks up

Don’t like the idea of parcelling up your stuff and organising postage or a courier?

There is another even easier option!

Gumtree, Shpock, and Facebook Marketplace are all listings sites where you put up what you want to sell and the buyer collects.

Easy peasy.

14. Have a Yard Sale or sell at a Car Boot sale

This is a very quick way to make 100 dollars or pounds because you do it it one hit. simply clear your garage and cupboards of everything you don’t want, organise them, work out what you want for them and either organise a Yard sale (others in the street may want to join in too) or book your slot at a Car Boot Sale.

You would probably get more money selling the individual items online, but this way you make your money in one quick hit.

15. Get quick cash for CDs, DVDs, games, phones and more

When I moved house a few years ago, I knew it was time to trade in my 1500 CDs as I was going purely online for music…

I traded most of them in with a company called Music Magpie ?? and made a few hundred pounds which was awesome.

How it (and most other trading sites) work, is that you download an app on your phone which allows you to scan in the barcodes on the back of the books, DVDs, CDs etc. They will then give you a instant valuation.

If you’re being really savvy, you can compare valuations across apps, but if you’ve got a lot of stuff to get through, you may want to just stick with one.

Trade in sites worth checking out are:

Payment was pretty quick for me – a few days. But this will vary depending on how much stuff you are sending and who you are trading in with.

16. Time to say goodbye to your wedding dress

I sold my wedding dress a few years ago. It’s a bit of a wrench, but actually when I received the grateful email from the woman who claimed to be my “body double”, thrilled to have this beautiful dress, I was absolutely chuffed to bits. So give your dress a second chance to shine, and some money in the bank.

I sold mine on Ebay but there are plenty of other specialist sites for wedding dresses such as:

Some of these charge a fee to advertise with them, so check the T’s and Cs.

Make sure you get cleared payment up front as this can be an emotional sale and you don’t want to be in a situation where you have been taken advantage of.

Sought after designer dresses can fetch more than £500 – so very worth doing. Mine got £275 and cost just over £1000 new – so I got 25% of the sale price back, which I was thrilled with.

17. Sell your cell for cash

Don’t hold onto your old phone if you’ve upgraded (or downgraded). There are plenty of sites out there that will pay hundreds for a second hand recent model. The older the phone the less you get so sell sooner rather than just hanging on to it.

Sites include:

It’s also worth checking what your phone can get on EBay. Some makes like OnePlus have a cult following and you can often make more selling this way.

While you’re at it, see what other technology you’ve got lying around. Some of these websites will also buy digital readers and tablets too.

18. Release cash on gift cards

Have you got any unused gift cards kicking about? Don’t let them expire – that’s just chucking cash away. Sell them on and release the cash.

Zapper ?? and Zeek ?? are both places you can sell your gift cards online. They both work slightly differently. Zapper buy vouchers at their price, whereas if you sell on Zeek you set your own.

US sites include

As with the UK, some will offer you a set price and others are marketplaces where you can dictate your price and connect up with buyers.

19. Sell your kids’ clothes

Probably the most easy to sell stuff I have ever put on EBay was my baby boy’s clothes. Put together a nice bundle of them by age, preferably with one item from a sought after brand that you can name check in the description and see them fly!

The NCT often have local sales where you can sell your second hand children’s clothes and toys. They take a cut for running the sale, but it’s a great charity and they can get good prices for your stuff as there are often lots of people fighting to get their hands on a bargain.

20. Sell old Lego by the kilo

Did you know that there is a specialist lego dealer for second hand bricks? Yep you can sell your old lego bricks. You have to have a fair amount but if you do, try brick owl or Toy Brick Brigade.

(You can also sell on ebay Zapper or Music Magpie too.)

21. Sell your gold

Got any gold jewellery kicking around that you don’t want? Sell it!

Seller beware – there are plenty of unscrupulous dealers out there so make sure you know where to go before you do the golden handshake…

I hold up my hands and confess I know nothing about selling gold, but I do have some kicking about, so will report back when I have figured out how to flog it. In the meantime, here is some advice from Wikihow.

Earn more money

OK you’ve raided the cupboards, jewellery box, kids’s toys etc but really there is nothing left to rinse under your roof. In that case, it’s time to find a way to earn some more money.

Some of these are less quick than others. For almost instant cash look to the jobs that the smart teenagers do – babysitting, cleaning, dog walking, car washing etc. But most casual work will have you up and running within the month.

Ways to earn a hundred notes quickly

22. Drive like Ryan Gosling

Do you like to drive? If so, Uber or Lyft could be your fast route to earning quick cash whenever you feel like it.

In case these services have passed you by (where do you live?!) they are taxi services where ordinary people sign up and drive around other people to their destinations for money. A bit like working for a taxi company but much more flexible and casual.

Drivers log in when they want to work and sign out when they don’t.

In order to become an Uber or Lyft driver you fill out an online form, and have to give details such as how long you’ve been driving, and details about your car.

You have to have a relatively new car and in some countries or states you may need to apply for a private hire license or some form of taxi license. Uber/Lyft will help facilitate this as long as you fit the other criteria. This might be the bit that holds things up – in theory it can be just a couple of weeks, but some drivers report longer.

Once this has been done you can show up for work and enjoy weekly pay, working the hours that you choose.

23. Clean

After months of trying to stay on top of our cleaning and still tripping over the dust-balls, we finally decided to get our place deep cleaned this week. It took around 5 hours at £13 an hour. Let’s just say we won’t be doing this regularly!!

However, if even the most frugal households shell out for this luxury sometimes, there has to be a thriving market for it.

Advertise your services using local Facebook pages, Gumtree, leaflets, but primarily word of mouth will get you the gigs.

24. Wash Cars

Lots of people would like to wash their car but don’t have the time. You can charge around £10/ $12 to hand wash a small saloon car and a bit more for something bigger. If you can wash a car in around half an hour, that’s not a bad hourly rate.

You can advertise your services in Craigslist or on local Facebook sites, but if you want a quicker response try leafleting your local neighbourhood saying that you will be coming round on a specific weekend calling on doors to see if anyone wants a car-wash and then follow up on that.

You could even offer to clear out and vacuum the inside for a premium. Pick areas with lots of parents – who has time to clean the car with kids?!!

25. Babysit and Petsit

Just because babysitting and pet-sitting are jobs you normally associate with teenagers, don’t rule them out. How else can you earn £10 an hour watching TV and eating biscuits?!

Babysitting as an adult is slightly different because you will be expected to be even more responsible e.g. know basic first aid, be able to handle wakings up etc. And you’ll need great references and maybe even to show a clean criminal record (DBS check in the US, CRB in the UK).

But plenty of parents want to go out in the evenings, so this can be great casual work.

Pet-sitting is also lovely if you like animals. People may want you to walk or feed their pets while they at work, or offer them a home when they are on hols. The pay for this is a bit less than babysitting but you may get more regular work for a job that is very enjoyable!

26. Sell your photos online

This may not be the speediest way to earn a hundred bucks but if you upload some tip tip photos you’ve taken that are a winner with bloggers, you could be enjoying some free money that keeps coming in.

Stock photo sites always want new photos and if yours are good enough you can upload them. You get money every time someone downloads one of your pics. It’s only a teeny percentage each time, so to make this lucrative you (a) need to have nice photos and (b) need to have quite a lot of photos.

Sites to try include:

27. Review music for money

This isn’t one I’ve tried, so it’s a wild card for me. But the idea of it is interesting. You can review unsigned artists and if your writing is deemed good, you get paid more.

The pay sounds a bit rubbish, so if you need your £100 there are probably much quicker ways to earn it…

Let me know how you go if you try this one:

28. Surf the web and get paid

Who doesn’t surf the web? But now you can surf and get paid for it.

Websites like Qmee ?? ?? , Inboxpounds ?? and Swagbucks ?? ?? pay you to search the net through them.

Each one varies slightly but you might need to either surf via their website or add a plugin to your browser so they can log your searches.

With some of them e.g. Swagbucks, you can also earn money watching videos, looking at adverts and shopping through them.

A lot of people plug Swagbucks but I must say I haven’t had much luck with it. It slowed my browser down and building up points for searches took a long time.

If you can’t be arsed with these, then consider using Ecosia. It won’t earn you any money, but it does plant trees as the number of searches goes up. Searching the internet uses up energy and heat and to counter the drain on the climate, Ecosia uses ad revenue from its search engine to plant trees. Ruddy brilliant.

29. Painting, DIY and flat pack assembly

I love assembling flat-pack furniture! But a lot of people don’t.

Ditto painting and decorating.

If you enjoy the handy jobs that others would rather not do, you can find work.

Sites like task rabbit connect you to people who want these jobs done. Simply create an account and pick up work for extra cash. You can work part time.

Other places to pick up handyman type work include:

30. Test products/websites for cash

I’m investigating these at the moment so bear with me while I check out various sites to see how good they are.

I have recently signed up to ??who pay you to test products and keep you in the loop about paid market research projects that you can take part in. I love the idea of doing this and according to their website people get awarded money or Amazon vouchers for testing out their products it looks like mostly £10 here and there.

Other sites include:

Check back for more feedback once I’ve tested these out!

31. Be a VA or a Pinterest Assistant

If you can show that you are organised, fast at typing, good at research or handy with social media channels then you could be a virtual assistant or social media manager.

Being a VA often encompasses secretarial tasks like typing letters, answering emails or managing people’s diaries but it can often be more about organising someone’s life. From choosing gifts to researching fact s for a presentation, you never know what could come up!

Managing social media accounts is much more specific. A business or blogger will ask you to manage their Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest accounts. Sometimes their requirements can be as simple as daily posting. For more in depth jobs, such as planning social media campaigns or advertising you’ll need some experience under your belt.

The joy of this kind of work is that you can manage your time and hours to suit you. Plus you can work for people all around the world from anywhere!

Find VA and social media jobs here:

32. Use smartphone apps that make you money

OK, this is never going to make you rich but there are a lot of apps you can put on your smartphone to earn money.

I plan to road test them all and report back but a few of these apps are listed below:

33. Teach others how to do something

Do you speak another language? Can you play the guitar? Do you have fantastic handyman or DIY skills around the house? Are you good with websites? All of these and more are skills that other people want to learn.

You can do an hour’s teaching and get 20 or 30 bucks a pop – or more if your skills are harder to find.

There are various ways you can get the word out about what you can teach but try:

  • Talking to your neighbours to find out if anyone is interested or knows someone who might be
  • Putting posters up in your local shops.
  • Posting in local Facebook groups
  • Contacting relevant Meetups e.g. if you want to teach English try a local Au Pairs group.
  • If you have a bit more time you could try creating a course or ebook and uploading to sites like Udemy, Teachable and Skill share.

34. Freelance writing

If you like writing and write well – and quickly – freelance writing could bring in some extra cash.

The most obvious places to start looking for writing work are

However, there are a LOT of writers on here, so you might find you earn low to start with.

If you already have good examples of your writing to put together a portfolio, try looking on these jobs boards for work.

35. Share opinions in surveys

In the interests of being thorough, I’m including this as an option. Filling out surveys is supposedly an easy way to earn money, requiring no skill, just the ability to answer questions.

There are people who make a bit of regular money out of this, but I tried and it didn’t work for me.

You set up an account, fill in some details and then either search for or get emailed surveys to fill out.

My issue was that I never got past the first few qualifying questions before being told I didn’t fit the survey’s criteria. So I was unable to earn the money. It was very frustrating!

That experience was with Swagbucks, but there are several other survey sites out there. I’ll give them a try and report back but in the meantime, if you want a peek here are a few:

Theoretical earning? Around 50p to £5 per survey. But I haven’t been able to cash in on this yet.

For more ideas try these articles: How to make money fast

75 ways to earn money on the side.

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Good luck with your Side Hustles!

35 quick ways to earn $100