Blogging is one of the most popular pastimes around today, but for many it’s not just a hobby.

For some professional bloggers , blogging is their full-time career, whilst other blogs earn money for their creators/owners through passive income. So how do you make money blogging? What’s the big secret?

Well obvs, I’ve started one and I’ve done my research so here are nine ways that I’ve found to make money blogging…

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Make money blogging method #1: Advertising on your blog

Advertising is a great way to make money blogging, because it’s easy to implement and there are many different methods to monetise a blog through adverts.

Perhaps the most popular is Google Adsense, where bloggers earn money for either the amount of ‘impressions’ or ‘clicks’. When a viewer clicks an advert, it counts as a commission, whereas impressions earn money for the amount of times they are shown.

Serious bloggers tend to go through agencies like Mediavine, AdThrive and Monumetric.

Clearly, the more viewers a blog has, the more potential the blogger has to earn money. Other advertising programmes may pay better rates than Google, or have different styles of adverts. For example, some advertising programmes are specific to certain types of content (e.g. travel, food blogs etc.)

Make money blogging method #2: Sell your own advertising space

Rather than enrol in advertising program that automatically places adverts in pre-positioned spaces on a blog, why not sell space direct with an advertiser?

For example, if you publish a popular luxury travel blog, and advertiser may pay you to show their adverts permanently. Often the rates of revenue are higher than using a third-party advertising programme, as the blogger deals direct with the advertiser.

Make money blogging method #3: Freelancing with your blogging skills

If you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve several ‘soft skills’ such as writing, social media, photography or graphics, which other people may hire you for away from your blog.

For example, if your writing is particularly strong and unique, you can advertise your services through your blog as a ‘ghost writer’ and write similar content for other blogs.

Ways to make money blogging

Make money blogging method #4: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money blogging, because it’s possible to earn very decent commissions on some items.

Affiliate marketing is when a blogger promotes goods or services, and for every sale is paid a commission.

There are many organised programs – “affiliate programs” – that are all set up to help bloggers become affiliates.  Amazon is a famous example.  If you encourage your readers to buy a product from Amazon via a special affiliate link, Amazon will give you a percentage of the sale.

Affiliate marketing works well for blogs because most blogs have a clear niche – e.g. personal finance – with an engaged audience that trusts the blogger’s judgement. So if the blogger promotes a service or goods, they are often inclined to purchase based on trust.

In fact, some blogs are set up specifically to service a certain niche in the hope of building an audience that will buy high-cost goods such as electronics, cameras, computers or software.  This would be a great audience for affiliate marketing.

Ebooks are another popular product that bloggers promote as affiliates, and earn a commission for every sale.

Blog audiences know that bloggers promote goods they trust and use, but it’s important to disclose any affiliate links on a blog. This is regulated in some countries, and it’s no disadvantage as most blog readers know the cost of an item will not increase in an affiliate program, and often want to help to support the blog.

Make money blogging method #5: Being an authority/ consulting/ coaching

A way how to make money blogging that is gaining in popularity is by becoming an authority or ‘thought leader’. If a blog is written in such a way that it shows the blogger is an authority in his or her field, often opportunities arise where people will pay to be coached or consult with the blogger on specific projects.

A good example here is Search Engine Optimisation, where brilliant SEO bloggers are approached to give their expertise to others desperate to rise in the search engines.

Make money blogging method #6: Sell your own stuff

If a blogger makes products that can sell, e.g. ebooks or physical products such as T-shirt designs, it’s a fantastic idea to set up the blog as an e-commerce store and sell directly as an online shop.

Technically this is easy to do with specific ‘plugins’ or specialist software.

The hard bit is getting people to buy, but if you have a great product and a loyal tribe of readers you’re off to a good start.

Many bloggers use what is known as a “sales funnel”.  For example, a blogger may write an article on how to travel cheaply. He or she could put a link in the article for readers to sign-up, or even purchase, an expanded guide or information product that contains websites to help travel cheaply.

Once someone buys or subscribers to the guide, they are offered a chance (usually via an incentive such as discount) to purchase an online course or other ebooks.

How to make money blogging

Make money blogging method #7: Selling over email

Good blogs have good audiences, and one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is not monetising their audience through email marketing.

Bloggers ask their readers to sign up to their mailing list, and they send them regular emails with useful and interesting content.

When something good comes up that they think their readers will be interested in buying they can offer those items for sale or market other peoples’ items in return for a commission.

Providing these products tune in with what their readers want, this can be a very effective way to make money.

Make money blogging method #8: Subscriptions and memberships

If you have a blog with a lot of content that people return for, you can set up a membership or subscription model. This works by asking people to join for a subscription, usually monthly, and in turn they have access to members-only content.

Make money blogging method #9: Donations and crowdfunding

Often overlooked, but asking readers for donations can often work for making money blogging.

Usually if you put a banner up, or even us a specialist donations scheme such as Patreon, your readers may donate a regular sum just to support your blog (if they like it of course!)

Conclusion: how to make money blogging – there are more than 9 ways!

If you’re wondering how to make money blogging, hopefully this article has given you some inspiration. Although these are just nine methods, there are many different ways to make money blogging – you just need to be creative.

Listen to podcasts, use social media, check out other blogs and look what they’re doing to make money blogging – and then do it better!

A word of warning though – don’t just write whatever you think you need to to make money.  The best and long term method to make money blogging is to write the best content you can for your readers and provide as much value as you can.  By making a quality product that people want, you have a business you can build on for years.

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