Who can really rival Amazon?  They are a shopping giant and offer pretty much everything you could need. They have a huge array of products and more and more new services are being added every year.  

But while Amazon is undoubtedly a useful place to shop it does not always mean you get the best bargain. But there are ways to save money shopping on Amazon.  You might know a few of them if you’re an Amazon veteran but some are well-hidden secrets.  

 So, whether you’re new to Amazon or not read on to find out how to save money with Amazon – woop woop!

How to save money with Amazon method 1: Join Amazon Prime  

Let’s get the most controversial option out of the way, shall we?  This involves spending some money.  But if you are a VERY FREQUENT user of Amazon and pay for delivery, then it might be for you.

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that gives you a number of benefits.  You get free one-day deliveries, early access to deals and exclusive discounts. That’s just the beginning though, you also get free membership to Prime Video, Prime Music and much more.  

Amazon Prime is available for both yearly and monthly subscriptions and if you’ve never used it before then you can use this link to take a free one-month trial. Check out the Amazon Prime page (U.S.) or here (U.K.) if you are interested – but weigh up the costs carefully.  It will only save you money if you are a regular shopper.  The link takes you to a free 30 day trial page and is an affiliate link.  You can always try it free for 30 days and then cancel.

 With the monthly membership, there is the option of just paying for it when you need it and the benefits of other services like music and video streaming should be taken into account as well. Do some maths because you could save a lot of money if you’re regular Amazon shopper with a Prime membership.

Another thing worth bearing in mind is that if you are a family you can get one Amazon family membership which serves everyone.  Effectively if there are two of you, this becomes a half price Prime as you get the speedy delivery each, plus discounts on family groceries, Prime video etc.  Amazon Family US hereAmazon Family UK here (in the UK you basically get Prime and can automatically add on members of your household for nowt).

How to save money with Amazon method 2: Save Money on Shipping  

 You might find a great price on a product only for the delivery charge to add a bucketload to the total.  It’s a familiar scenario but with Amazon, you can avoid it. Simply time your shop so you can buy a lot of goods at once, if you spend over £20 on goods directly from Amazon (but not other sellers using the platform) then you’ll qualify for free delivery.  

 If you’re just buying books then the total is even lower at just £10, so sometimes adding just a bit more to your shopping basket can actually save you money overall. One great tool to use is the Amazon Super Saver Tool , with this site you can easily find products that will help you qualify for free delivery.   


How to save money with Amazon method 3: Search For Deals

 Amazon is always running deals and you don’t have to wait for special occasions like Black Friday either. You’ll find a daily deals section at the top of the Amazon website and you’ll also find Prime exclusive deals and lightning deals which are only held for a short period of time.  

 One other section to be aware of is the Amazon Warehouse US or Amazon Warehouse UK this is where you’ll find second hand, repaired and warehouse damaged products. You’ll find all kinds of products for a reduced price so it’s a good place to look if you want to grab a bargain.   


How to save money with Amazon method 4: Claim Cashback  

One of the best ways to save money with Amazon is to get cashback every time you shop.  With sites like Quidco you can even get any cashback converted directly into Amazon credit! With cashback sites, you don’t have to use Amazon all the time to get cashback –  you can use a range of online retailers. Many of these sites like Quidco will also offer bonuses and incentives when you reach certain amounts as well.  I’ve used Quidco for a while and got about £200 back, which is better than a kick in the teeth…


How to save money with Amazon method 5: Track Prices Carefully

One of the great things about Amazon is that the prices change a lot, if something isn’t selling well it will likely be reduced in price to shift it. However, one of the downsides to this is that you could easily miss the sale or not even know it’s occurring.  

 Which is why you should track Amazon prices online! One great website to use is Zeezaw, once you register you’ll be able to create a wish list of products and enter the highest price you’d be willing to pay for them. Then you’ll receive an alert if the products ever get discounted into your price range, it’s simple and easy and could net you substantial savings.  


How to save money with Amazon method 6: Spread The Cost Of Repeated Purchases

 For weekly essentials like toiletries you should use the Amazon subscribe and save feature, you’ll find this option at the top of the Amazon website, it’s usually bunched in with the daily deals. With subscribe and save you’re essentially agreeing to purchase the same items after a set amount of time.  

 This could be once a month for example and depending on the time between subscriptions and the product you’ll get a discount it could be as small as 5% or as large as 20%. It’s easy to cancel and you won’t lose your discount on any orders that have already been processed either.     

Amazon Fresh US is a regular grocery delivery at low prices.  (UK Amazon fresh here)

If you use an online delivery service it’s worth checking out to see if this can save you money.

I use Ocado because I get a big discount through my health insurer (Vitality) so this isn’t for me, but we do use the “subscribe and save” feature for coffee, mouthwash and a few other regular items.


So here are a few ideas for saving money with Amazon, but remember to always shop around.  Amazon is usually pretty cheap but not always the cheapest.

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How to save money on Amazon