Helloooo. My name is Lucy, I live outside London in a commuter town and I earn a good living making TV programmes. I love my job but my work life balance is pish, and it’s not even that bad compared to lots of people in TV. Currently my commute is 1hr 20 each way which definitely doesn’t help.

Urgh, I don’t even want to work out what that would be over a year…

Anyway, I’ve got it good compared to most, but like most people I want a bit more. I want a bit more time with my loved ones and to spend getting fitter and healthier and most of all I want a bit more money so I can do all these things.

I know it’s not always easy making money outside of the normal world of work but it seems like there are people out there making it happen – why not me?

So I’m setting myself a challenge – I want to see if I can do the hustle and find ways to earn extra income so that I am a bit less of a slave to Thameslink . My dream is to be able to match my income by the end of next year. I’ve joined a blogging group for support and inspiration and I’m going to research and try out as many ways of making money online or from home that I can until I get to where I want to be.

My income at the moment varies (I’m a freelancer). I don’t get paid when I don’t work. If I can get to £1000 a week in alternative income then I’ll be in a position to choose not to commute (although I might anyway for my favourite jobs – but wouldn’t it be great to choose?)

I’ve also got some debts to pay off – £11,000 on credit cards and a £9,000 loan.

So here are the routes I’m going to explore:

  • Blogging to earn money.
  • Proofreading at home
  • Virtual PA work
  • Looking at opportunities to earn on people per hour
  • Setting up simple websites for people
  • Creating a product to sell online

I’m not qualified in all of these things and there are are plenty of other ways to earn money, but I’m going to start with these because they are the ones that appeal the most. They’re legit and doing things I will probably enjoy, and if successful they are the ways I think I can earn the most.

So that’s it for now – I’ve also joined a Blogging Club, which is a fantastic source of info and support and I’ll write a bit more about that in my next post.