Fancy getting your side hustle on, and trying to make some money on the side? Here’s a list of 75 ways….

Some of these are passive income (they earn money without your input) and some are active income (you’re swapping your time for money in return).

Some may require specialist skills, talent, education or training, but all could be used as a ‘second job’ to earn extra money on the side.

So brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………. (drum roll… geddit?) here they are;

75 ways to make money on the side

First off let’s look at ways you can do stuff in your spare time actively. We’ll come to passive income later…

Active Income (i.e. part-time or second jobs)

  1. Blogging
  2. Article writing – sell your articles to online magazines
  3. Ghost writing – write content for others (books, websites etc,) that they rebrand so it appears they wrote it
  4. Keyword research for SEO
  5. Website submission to directories
  6. Data Entry
  7. Mystery Shopping
  8. Dog Walking
  9. House Sitting
  10. Cleaning
  11. Teaching – supply teaching or tutoring
  12. Teaching – private lessons, or online consulting or courses
  13. Graphic Design
  14. Photography
  15. Photoshop editing
  16. On-page optimisation for SEO (improve a client’s site
  17. Off-page optimisation for SEO (create backlinks to your client’s site)
  18. Consulting or coaching
  19. Accountancy
  20. Tax Filing
  21. Audits
  22. Home Organisation (professional tidying)
  23. Productivity Coach
  24. Consulting – work on a contract basis offer your skills e.g. Project Management or Planner
  25. Virtual Assistant (freelance for an entrepreneur, organise their diary, correspondence etc.)
  26. Social Media Marketing
  27. Content Curation for social media
  28. Videography
  29. Podcast editing
  30. Transcription services
  31. Language teaching
  32. Personal training
  33. Weight Loss counsellor
  34. Nutritionist
  35. Mechanic
  36. Car Valeting
  37. Painting
  38. Gardening
  39. Taxi driver
  40. Driving instructor
  41. Nail technician
  42. Beauty Therapy
  43. Chauffeur
  44. Email marketing
  45. Accountability coach
  46. Travel Agent or Location Advice
  47. Internet Marketing
  48. Content Creator (e.g. for social media – photographs for Instagram)
  49. Public Relations
  50. Freelance journalist
  51. Bailiff or Recovery Agent
  52. Delivery Driver
  53. Security guard
  54. Out of hours porter/receptionist (hotels)
  55. Clinical Trials volunteer
  56. Escort – NOT prostitution, but accompanying paying client to functions etc. on a platonic/social basis
  57. Proofreader
  58. Editor
  59. Copywriter
  60. Event Management
  61. Life model (e.g. for art students)
  62. Modelling
  63. Promotions girls (e.g. at events, conferences etc.)
  64. Trade crypto-currency (e.g. Bitcoin)
  65. Freelance websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour (register your skills – SEO, writing, photographer etc. – as keywords and find contract work)

Passive Income

This is the best type of side hustle to make money on the side, as it’s easily scaleable (more customers = more money) without putting more time into it.

With advances in technology, you can set up automated systems that bring you money literally on autopilot, such as :-

  • create a product such as an ebook
  • load it onto a specialist website such as Gumroad or SendOwl
  • promote your product using social media
  • people pay for your product using PayPal or similar, and it’s automatically emailed to them
  • count your money as it comes in!

Once you have set up your passive income stream, it will keep bringing revenue – all you need to do is keep broadcasting the details to increase customer numbers.

  1. Pay Per Click advertising (e.g. Google Adsense or net) on a blog or website
  2. Static advertising spots on a website or blog
  3. Affiliate Marketing on blogs (market products and receive a commission on sales)
  4. E-commerce shop (create a product and sell through a specialised plugin like Shopify)
  5. Etsy (see crafts and arts online)
  6. Membership or subscription websites and courses (e.g. how to invest, learn how to use a software package such as Photoshop)
  7. Create an app – e.g. a Bitcoin trading platform
  8. Youtube vlogger – create videos, make money by advertising and clicks
  9. Sell ebooks and information products (e.g. travel hacking)
  10. Social Media Influencer – create a following and audience, brands pay you to market and promote their products

Insider Tip: Think how you can solve a problem many people have

Sometimes, the real gems are the unique items that solve people’s problems, and that you may not even think your skills could help.

Here’s a great story to illustrate how something you know can bring good fortune,

Pat Flynn is one of the most successful podcasters around today, and he used to be an architect. By creating an ebook about how to pass an architectural exam he was struggling with, he quickly became a bestseller because many others like him also struggled – and bought his ebook.

How can this inspire you? Look around where you live, watch what people do, or what they complain about. Can you think how you could help solve that problem?

It could be as simple as your neighbours complain about the snow on their drives, and not having time to clear it. Tell them you will do each morning, before they wake up, for a set fee – and you’ve automatically created a side hustle.

Conclusion: 75 ways to make money on the side – which will you choose?

Here’s the good news and the bad news about making money on the side.

Good news – anyone can do it. We all have a skill or talent, or just hard work, that we could put towards making some money on a side hustle. You may not even realise it, but if you’re doing work such as secretarial or teaching, there’s a massive amount of side jobs you could be earning money with.

Bad news – it takes effort, time and application, that’s all. Perhaps it also needs a little creativity, research, self-reflection and confidence, but if you put your mind to it, you too can create a side hustle today.

The key to success is to start doing something, rather than waiting for the perfect opportunity. Start, earn a little money, and then that will give you time to think and maybe even create ‘the next big thing’.

So why are you still reading this? Get started building your side hustle NOW!

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