Blogging can be a great way to earn money on the side of your day job. And with a winning blog niche, you have a better chance of success.

For some writers, blogging has replaced their day job entirely and become their main income.

Financial blogger Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from Making Sense of Cents earns over $100,000 a month! She started back in 2011 and has built up her blog to a dream business.

What blog niche should I choose?

If you’re looking to make money from your blog, you need to consider two main criteria :-

  • How to get visitors/ traffic to your blog
  • How to make money from your audience and content (in other words, what can you give them that is of VALUE to them?)

To get visitors to your site you need to choose a niche that isn’t too obscure. You want plenty of people to be interested in what you have to say.

It also helps to not be too broad too.

If you want to make money from advertising and affiliate marketing (product recommendations) it helps to have a specific audience.

It’s harder to know exactly who you are talking to if you blog about money, recipes, parenting and travel. Not impossible… But harder!

So here are ten blog niches that you may want to consider if you’re looking to make money from your blog. Here we go…

10 blog niches that monetise well and get good traffic

1. Health and Wellness

Who doesn’t want to look better or be healthier, exercise more effectively, or lose weight?

Almost everybody wants to know something about health and wellness, whether it’s to lose weight, be healthier or find the solution to a problem.

This is a pretty universal blog niche.

Although advertising and affiliate marketing work well in this niche, don’t limit yourself to those two methods. Why not consider creating an ebook, course or membership site related to specific wellness niche?

For example, meditation and yoga are extremely popular at present, so it’s easy to provide videos and other content, or even link to apps for smartphones, all of which can bring commissions.

10 blog niches for traffic and money

2. Money, wealth and personal finance

Personal finance is always a popular topic.

Everyone always want to know how to make and save money, so this is a great blog niche to set up in if you are interested in this topic.

Wealth management and investment provide more options, whilst crypto currency such as Bitcoin is extremely popular right now.

There are lots of personal finance blogs out there, so this topic takes work, great content and an individual voice. But if you can stick with it, the rewards can be great.

3. Self-help and personal development

Self help is an extremely popular niche for bloggers.

From organising your closet, to how to juggle work and parenthood, to improving your spiritual or emotional life, self help has something for everyone.

Lessons, skill developments, language courses in so many topics are being searched for in high volumes daily, so why not do a check on Google Trends and see which topics that you could write about resonate most with searchers?

10 ultimate blog niches

4. Management, Business and Productivity

Entrepreneurship is only growing in popularity, 27 million Americans are starting or running their own new business according to

So if you know anything about management, business, productivity or starting a business, this could be the niche for you.

Whether it’s how to work better in the jobs your readers are in, e.g. leadership or emotional intelligence, or perhaps develop a ‘side hustle’ to make some passive income, this is a very popular niche indeed.

In recent years, productivity has also become a major niche. Along with methodologies such as GTD (Getting Things Done), time management, the Pomodoro technique, managing to-do lists etc. anything that helps you readers be more organised could have legs.

5. Product and service reviews

One look at the growth in review sites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp shows the great appetite for knowledge and reviews. Some of the best blogs on the internet have grown to become major commercial sites in their own right, purely on the foundation of product reviews.

Amazon Associates affiliate marketing is especially popular in this niche, as reviews can often be paired with affiliate links to the product being reviewed.

You could write reviews about tech products, baby stuff, apps, health products – if you can buy it, you can review it!

6. Lead Generation (e.g. via couponing)

An interesting and ‘left field’ blog niche is using your blog to generate leads, set against something like voucher codes or coupons. With a bit of clever design and coding, you can set up your blog to publish coupon codes, but only when readers subscribe or sign up via online forms.

This can be extremely lucrative for two main reasons – once you’ve captured their leads, you can add them to your email list which may give you more opportunities for selling and monetising in the future.

A secondary benefit is advertising – some advertisers and affiliates will actually pay for lead generation, rather than clicks, so those sign ups could actually earn twice for you!

7. Blogging tutorials

Even if you’ve only been blogging for a short time, you know more than someone who has been blogging for one day.

Everyone always wants to learn off someone who has done more than them, so why not give them the benefit of your experience?

You could do this by providing walk-throughs of how to install plugins, use WordPress, or even recommend certain (paid) products for which you write and review and then make commission from affiliate sales.

Many bloggers make money from showing people how to start a blog and in the process they recommend hosting. Every time someone signs up for that hosting, the blogger gets money for the lead. This can really be quite a money spinner!

FYI – as with all affiliate marketing, you should only recommend products you genuinely rate. Don’t just do it for the money, don’t be that person…

8. Politics, Celebrity and Entertainment

Celebrity gossip sites, politics, entertainment and ‘fan’ sites are always popular choices for niche content.

Advertising is the prime method to make money here, rather than affiliate marketing, as people will likely click ads and sponsored content because it will be relevant to the site.

10 blog niches for money and traffic

9. Authority and reference guides

What do you know or do well, that others will pay you to teach them how to do?

With a bit of thought, everyone can think of skills that are transferrable that they can either use to train people, or produce a course online.

If you’re doubting this claim, think about Pat Flynn, who today is one of the biggest bloggers teaching passive income, and who started by selling e-books how to pass an architecture exam.

What about Ramit Sethi, who earns a million dollars a year, who started off selling one book via his blog on personal finance?

10. Teach Influencers and Social Media or become an Influencer

Fancy teaching people how to make an Instagram following, and then monetise their following to earn either money or goods from collaborations with brands?

Brands are literally falling over themselves offering opportunities to people they see as ‘influencers’ on social media – especially Instagram – so why not teach people to use social media better?

Sometimes it could be an app you’re teaching them how to use – complete with affiliate links – or a link to a course in how to get more followers.

Perhaps even a high-level partnership with a social media service who you actively promote, and earn revenue for each trial signed up through your blog?

Or instead of teaching people how to become a makeup guru on instagram, why not just do it yourself?

Conclusion: these are just ten blog niches, but there are many more

Here are just ten ideas for blog niches for that monetise well and get good traffic, and hopefully it’s given you inspiration to go and create your own blog.

So what are you waiting for? You could be earning money blogging instead!